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We can rebuild it we have the technology.
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John... Natalie... Jolie...

Fate brought them together. Circumstances have often pushed them apart.
But that inexorable pull is always there, tugging at them until once again it can
no longer be denied. They have a bond, a connection that may sometimes be
stretched to the breaking point, but that will never truly be severed. It is
beyond time and place. They have changed each other. Sometimes their
personal journeys diverge... they may love others... but they own part of each
other that no one else can ever claim: their souls are anchored together. At
times they are a beautiful disaster... at times they are achingly beautiful. They
are tender, combative, supportive, challenging, in harmony, or like cymbals
clashing. They are together, they are apart, they are always, always bound.
Perfectly imperfect. Perfectly Jolie.

Jolie: a love story years in the making, but timeless, boundless, ageless.